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अमृताभियानम् - देशभक्तिगीतानि

Samskritam Patriotic Songs. Next year (in 2022) August 15th marks the 75th anniversary of India's independence and it is being celebrated in India and elsewhere as "Amrit Mahotsav". Samskrita Bharati Volunteers in the US, Canada and UK will be jointly organizing several events and activities to mark this momentous occasion under the "Amritabhiyanam" initiative.

When :

Saturday Jan 08, 6:00PM PST

Saturday Jan 15, 4:00PM PST

Saturday Jan 22nd, 3:00PM PST

Other dates to come....

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Samskritam Everyday - This is an amazing no stress environment for your daily dose of samskritam brought to you three times a day.

When : 4:30 AM , 11:30 AM , 6.30 PM PST , Everyday

Where :

Samskritam Everyday - In this edition of the program samskrita bharati brings to you an audio program of key sanskrit texts. Come join us and listen e as volunteers read the content of these texts.

When : 6.00 PM PST , Everyday

Where : Register here --> फ़ोर् attendance details.


साध्यं संस्कृतगृहम् । साधनं सम्भाषणम्।

Making your family a samskritam family.

वन्दे वाल्मीकिकोकिलम् - भाषणम्

Special program on the occasion of Valmiki Jayanti

भारतस्य स्वातन्त्र्स्यसङ्ग्रामः - विहङ्गवीक्षणम्

India's independence movement - a bird's eye view