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Samskrita Bharati, a non-profit organization, is primarily dedicated to the mission of promoting Sanskrit as a spoken language. Moving beyond veneration of Sanskrit as a classical or exotic language, Samskrita Bharati seeks to make this a contemporary language whose everyday usage becomes customary and widespread. This goal is being gradually realized with steady progress in the escalating numbers of Sanskrit speakers globally, increase in Sanskrit speaking families worldwide, and even a rise in Sanskrit spoken villages in India. Such preliminary success has served as a powerful catalyst to effect further change, and initiate a potent cultural renaissance movement.

As a language, Sanskrit is the cultural backbone of India. It holds the key to India's timeless, rich, cultural heritage. Knowledge of Sanskrit opens new vistas in areas such as Indian philosophy, yoga, ayurveda, mathematics, etc. By restoring Sanskrit to its rightful place in the cultural legacy of India, it is believed that the fate of India's cultural heritage will also be secured. Besides being a treasure trove of knowledge, Sanskrit has the power to unify India.The language of Sanskrit holds no boundaries. The appeal is widespread across people from all walks of life, different generations, religious backgrounds, and regional affiliations.

Samskrita Bharati is a 501-(c)-(3) non-profit organization. The latest letter from IRS regarding Samskrita Bharati's non-profit status is available here.


From small study groups in welcoming homes to 15 classes at American High School, the Fremont and tri-city community has shown tremendous enthusiasm in pursuing their Samskritam journey with us.

2020-2021 saw difficult times with COVID but we saw continued engagement in the community. We have transitioned to in-person classes in 2022.

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