स्वागतम् (svāgatam) ! Samskrita Bharati (a non-profit organization) conducts Samskritam classes for children and their parents.  
These classes are interactive and fun and focus on spoken Samskritam. 

Who can attend: anyone age 5 and above . Please note that the child has to be enrolled in KG or higher in the academic year of education. You will be requested to provide proof of enrollment.

        • For parents there will be free classes at the same time in different rooms [various levels]
        • We expect at least one parent to enroll and attend classes. This is important for the child's continues engagement and progress. We have observed that children whose parents are studying samskritam at Balakendram or otherwise tend to stay engaged and learn faster. They are also motivated to attend classes and complete homework and exercise regularly.    

When : Saturdays 9am to 10:45am  . 
Classes Start on Saturday, September 8th 2018.
Change in Start Date : Classes Begin On Saturday September 15th 2018.

Where : Horner Jr. High School (map: 41365 Chapel Way, Fremont, CA 94538)

Fees :  $350/ year   .   $250/ year for siblings 
(Fee include Study material and tuition for children.)

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.  We will open registration for 2019-2020 On May 1st , 2019. 

Balakendram volunteers