Our children's classes are organized at various skill levels - this includes four-fold language development śravanam (listening), sambhāṣaṇam (speaking), paṭhanam (reading), lekhanam (writing).  Classes are offered to develop the listed skill sets at different age groups.  Children can start at any age and we try to place them in a class which is appropriate for their age group and at their skill level.  As a result, we offer multiple beginner's classes (with slightly different focus) at different grade levels.

The major skill levels are listed below (please note these are not grade levels).  The details of the syllabus are not published here but will be available from schoology class-page for registered students and parents.  Admission for new students into level other than mathurA or vRndAvanam will require an evaluation exam.  Admission to K1 or 1 is strictly determined by age (K-2nd grade will be accepted in mathurA and older children will go in vRndAvanam).

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