Instructions on Adding Teachers and Parents

Adding a Teacher

A teacher can edit any page - post class updates, homework, poems, add to the resources page, etc.)

Click the blue 'Share' button in the top right hand side of the page. The page will display the site structure, like so:

On the left hand side, select the site (the line that says "Site - Samskrita Bharati Fremont Balagana").

On the right hand side, scroll down until you see "Invite People". Enter the Google email id of the Teacher. Change the drop down menu to its side to 'Can edit'. Select 'Share & Save'. (If 'Notify people via email' is checked, the teacher will receive a notification.)

Adding a Parent

A parent can view but not edit class updates, homework, resources).

The steps are similar to adding a Teacher (see above) - the only difference is the permission is set to 'Can view' instead of 'Can edit'.


Updating the Calendar and accessing the Forum is controlled by the permissions on the Calendar and the Forum, respectively. That means that teachers and parents need to be added to the Calendar/Forum explicitly. A teacher or parent whose id hasn't been added to the Calendar/Forum can't see them.