स्वागतम् (svāgatam) ! Welcome to Samskrita Bharati Fremont Balakendram. Please find the general information below and via the menus on the left and top.

Samskrita Bharati (a non-profit organization) volunteers conduct Samskrit classes for children and their parents at Horner Jr. High.  The classes are interactive and fun.

The details about the curriculum and policies, etc. can be found via the links in the menu on the left.  Key details are listed below.
  • Who : anyone age 5 and above (for parents there are separate free classes at the same time in different rooms [various levels])
  • When : Saturdays 9am to 10:45am (calendar: here)
  • Where : Horner Jr. High School (map: 41365 Chapel Way, Fremont, CA 94538)
  • Fees : $360/ year .  $260/ year for siblings.  Books & material for children, and instructions for children & parents are included. Adults classes are also conducted on premises in different classrooms.
  • Class updates, homework, tests : schoology
  • Duration: Sep 2017 -- May 2018  (Starts Sep 9th, 2017)
  • Registration : <CLOSED>